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Our Services

At Mixtr, we offer a range of professional audio services designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking for precise audio mixing, high-quality mastering, or a comprehensive package that includes both, our expert team is here to help. Each service is tailored to enhance your music and ensure it reaches its full potential. Explore our services below and book your order today to take the next step in your music journey.

Mike Sawyer

"My name is Mike Sawyer and I recently discovered these guys. I`m a musician and I was looking for a company to mix and master some of my music and Wow...what a difference they made. The quality of the sound, The scope of the sound, even seemed wider and brighter. Fantastic job guys!"

Theo Katman

"For any musician out there looking for exceptional mixing and mastering without breaking the bank, I highly recommend Mixtr. Their quality service at an affordable cost made a significant difference in my music and I`m sure it can do the same for you! Collaborating with Mixtr elevated my entire sound. The mixing technics balanced our instruments beautifully, Each track feels alive and cohesive, I`ve gained a whole new level of confidence in my music because of them, Mixtr!"
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